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DIP 5000

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Thiết bị truyền cắt bảo vệ xa (F85) loại DIP 5000

Mã hàng :    DIP 5000

Nhà sản xuất :       Areva

Xuất xứ :     Pháp

Tình trạng : Đặt hàng theo cấu hình

Đặc điểm kỹ thật thiết bị truyền cắt bảo vệ xa DIP 5000
 Digital Electric medium (V11, G703)
• Single mode optical medium (1310 nm, 1550 nm)
• Multimode optical medium (850 nm)
• Analog medium (single tone / coded dual tone).

• Ability to transmit up to 8 independent commands (only 4 in analog mode)
• Possible input logical combination for automation applications
• Two contacts per command for input and output
• Large choice of communication interfaces
• Alarm and teleprotection status indication on front panel by LED, software
• Dual tone coded mode is available
• 2 RS 232 connectors for connection to a PC or a dial up modem (1 local and 1 for
remote access). IP and LAN connections are possible using the optional RS 232 IP
• Large range of power supply voltages from 24 VDC to 250 VDC
• Possibility of power supply redundancy

• Firmware and software upgrade by download through PC

• Modular design allowing hardware modification by simple board exchange

• Backup capacity with DIGITAL mode

• Continuous monitoring of the hardware and the communication link
• Real-time measurement and display of the transfer time and BER when using the
Human Machine Interface software (Digital mode only)
• Local and remote DIP 5000 entirely programmable using HMI software running on PC
computer (remote only available in digital mode)
• Event and alarm logging of more than 1750 entries each
• 1 ms time-stamping for event recorder
• Firmware and software upgrade by download through PC

DIP 5000

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