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Cisco Catalyst IR1101

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The Cisco® Catalyst IR1101 Rugged Series Router or IR1101, is Cisco’s most compact, FirstNet Ready industrial router. Designed in a highly modular form factor makes it an ideal solution for remote asset management across multiple industrial vertical markets.

The IR1101 has an integrated 9.6 to 60V DC power input and is designed to withstand hostile environments, including shock, vibration, dust, humidity and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). The IR1101 also supports a wide temperature range: –40 to 60°C standard operation, –40 to 75°C in a forced air enclosure with 200 LFM of air, and type-tested at 85°C for 16 hours. This durability makes it ideal for harsh industrial and distributed IoT deployments such as transportation, oil and gas, distribution substations, industrial automation, and financial institutions.

Product highlights

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Figures 1, 2, and 3 offer visual views of product components and expansion modules.

Cisco IR1101 base platform front view