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21-219 Fiber optic

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  • Thiết bị chuyển đổi quang điện 21-219 Fiber optic IEEE C37.94 - G .703 E1 Multiplexer

    Mã hàng :    21-219 Fiber optic IEEE C37.94 - G .703 E1 Multiplexer

    Nhà sản xuất :      Fibersystem

Features 21-219 Fiber optc IEEE C37.94 - G.703 E1 Multplexer

• Τwo independent IEEE C37.94 fberoptcal connectons over a single E1

• Standards compliant for power substaton installaton

• 19” mountng with only 200mm depth

• Single supply range from 48VDC to 230VAC

21-219 Fiber optc IEEE C37.9

IEEE C37.94

Fiber optc interface according to standard “IEEE C37.94-2002, IEEE Standard for N tmes 64 Kilobit per Second Optcal Fiber Interfaces between Teleprotecton and Multplexer Equipment” describes a fber optc intrasubstaton communicaton links between teleprotecton equipment and multplexers.

G.703/704 E1 Unbalanced

The ITU-standard G.703 describes the physical and electrical characteristcs of hierarchical digital interfaces at rates up to 140Mbps. G.704 describes frame structures on G.703 interfaces up to 45Mbps. E1 describes a galvanic G.703 interface with G.704 frames at 2048kbps commonly used in telecommunicaton.


The 21-219 is an electro optcal multplexer between one G.703/704 E1 and two IEEE C37.94 optcal ports. The two IEEE ports are fully mapped into the G.704 standard frame structure of the E1 port, allowing for further SDH/ PDH multplexing and de-multplexing. 21-219 derives it synchronizaton from the network port (E1) or from an internal 2048Kbps PDH compliant clock enabling it to be used in leased line applicatons using electrical E1 modems such as SHDSL and alike.


The 21-219 Fiber optc IEEE C37.94 – G.703 multplexer from Fibersystem is intended for interfacing substaton teleprotecton equipment with IEEE C37.94 interfaces to telecom multplexers using G.703 E1 interfaces. The two independent IEEE C37.94 ports can be used for redundancy in the network or as a cross redundancy in dual installatons. The 21-219 Fiber optc IEEE C37.94 – G.703 multplexer can also be used in combinaton with the 21-216 Fiber optc IEEE C37.94 – G.703 64Kbps Codirectonal Converter, for instance when the Teleprotecton equipment lack IEEE C37.94 ports or when the intermediate SDH/PDH network oers a mixture of E1 G.703/704 ports and 64Kbps G.703 ports on dierent sites.

Fiber optc link

Data speed 2048kbps.

Protocol IEEE C37.94.

Fiber Mult mode 50/125um or 62.5/125um, ST-connector.

Optcal system budget 13dB in 62.5/um. 9dB in 50/125um fber.

Typical distance 0 - 2km (3dB system margin for 50/125um and 6dB for 62.5/125um)


Data speed 2048kbps

Protocol G.703, E1

Connector 2 x BNC , Coaxial cable

Power Supply

DC 48V DC to 250V DC, ±20%

AC 230VAC ±20%, 50−60 Ηz

AC-connector IEC 320, 3 pin


Operatng temperature range -25 to +55 oC

Storage teperature range -40 to +85 oC

Relatve humidity operatng 5 to 95 %

Relatve humidity storage 5 to 95 % non condensing