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  • Thiết bị chuyển đổi quang điện 7XV5662-0AD00/DD - Siemens

    Mã hàng :    7XV5662-0AD00/DD

    Nhà sản xuất :       Siemens


The CC-2M has the following characteristics:

 Transmission speed is 512 kBit/s via the FO interfaces FO1/LWL1 and/or FO2/LWL2 with

ST-connectors (820 nm) at synchronous mode.

 Transmission speed is 1.2 kBaud to 115.2 kBaud via the FO interfaces FO1/LWL1 and/

or FO2/LWL2 with ST-connectors (820 nm) at asynchronous mode. e. For an asynchronous connection the transmission rate is 1.2 kBaud to 115.2 kBaud.

 Connections to the protection device or device with serial interface via a interference free

fibre optic cable to a FO module integrated there.

 Maximum fibre optic cable length for the connection between protection device and

CC-2M 1.5 km (0.93 mile) with 62.5/125 µm or 50/125 µm multi-mode fibres. Connection

with ST-connector.

 Data connection to the communication device:

 7XV6562-0AD00: with 5-pole screw-tye terminal (E1/T1 interface and S for shielding


 7XV6562-0AD01: with BNC connection (E1 interface)

Maximum line length for the connection between E1/T1 transfer point (SDH / PDH-Network)

and CC-2M 40 m (131 ft).


Protection devices are often mounted in an environment with increased EMC load. To

warrant an interference-free transmission of the electric signals, install the CC-2M in the

communication cabinet at the shortest distance to the communication-network connection

(DCE, multiplexer).English 7XV5662-0AD00/DD, 7XV5662-0AD01/DD

46 C53000-B1174-C205-2

 A 9-pole D-sub socket for the connection to a PC or to a SIPROTEC device (RS232)

using a DIGSI cable (7XV5100-4) or as an alternative for the connection to an RS485

bus. Asynchronous serial data with maximal 115.2 kBaud can be transmitted via this

interface. Maximal 57.6 kBaud (with RS485 maximal 57.6 kBaud) are allowed in DIGSI

and the protection device in the case of applications with DIGSI and SIPROTEC protection devices.

 Wide area power supply for:

 Direct voltage 24 V to 250 V.

 Alternating voltage 110 V to 230 V.

 Monitoring the auxiliary voltage, the clock signal of the communication network, the

internal logic and indication via alarm contact.

 Signalling the operating states via LED.

 Power consumption DC < 2.2 W

AC < 6.5 VA.

 Rigid steel-plate housing with the measures of 188 mm x 120 mm x 56 mm (WxDxH) for

DIN rail mounting